Experimental Demonstrations

Try these out! Here are some demonstrations of online versions of tasks that I have created for my research. Source code will soon be available on my Github, until then feel free to email me for access!

  • Stroop Task: How quickly can you distinguish congruent and incongruent trials in this modified version of the stroop task?
  • Random Dot Motion Task:Coming Soon
  • N-Back task: Coming Soon

Mentors and Collaborators



  • Python tutorial: Learn Python the hard way is great online book on python and is how I learned.
  • Javascript tutorial: An excellent tutorial on Javascript by Long Ouyang and is where I got started.
  • Swirl: Trying to learn R. Why not learn R, in R. This creative package teaches you how to use R all while inside the R app by teaching you functions and providing datasets for you to practice on.
  • LaTeX Tutorial: Want to make beautifully typeset documents! Learn how to use LaTeX with this tutorial and see how easy it can be to typeset your own documents and create simple easy to use templates.

Statistical Analyses

  • Dr. Chang's R Tutorials: Once you start to get the hang of R, check out Dr. Luke Chang's fantastic tutorials on R. He covers serveral topics including regression, mixed effects modelling, and plotting in R.
  • Handbook for Bio Stats: Although this R based stats book was meant for biologists, this online book has covers a wide range of analyses common in psychology. Furthermore, they provide sample code (input and output) for each analysis along with many post hoc tests.
  • fMRI Lectures: Dr. Nancy Kanwisher's talks on using and interpreting fMRI data.
  • mumfordbrainstats: Jeanette Mumford excellent youtube series on analyzing fMRI data in FSL.


  • Experiments on mTURK: Tutorial on Amazon's command-line tools to create and post mTurk experiments.
  • cosub: Long Ouyang's command-line tool to upload mTurk experiments and download the data quickly and efficiently.
  • mTurk Bonus Script: Desmond Ong's python hack to automatically give bonuses to your mTurk participant's.


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